[OLD SCREENSHOTS] Post your old screens here
The title says it all,

If you have the time to search your old 2012 computers for Play4free screenshots, they may be shown here for everyone to admire, or cringe. There are no rules for this thread, post your images however you deem presentable (by respecting the forum's guidelines ofc). There are mines, and i'll kindly give a brief explanation what the image contains and why-so. Please keep in mind there is a forum restriction of 10 images per message.

1. Here is 11 years old me back in 2012-2013 attempting to make memes.
[Image: HxZQWuW.jpg]

2. My 2nd attempt at making a meme, placing the image in Paint and screenshoting my screen. - 2012
[Image: mHb6muF.jpg]
3. Here is my character (timestamp bottom right) including World of Tanks running in the background.
[Image: F6OpIML.jpg]
3.a the skills of my character back in 2012.
[Image: ennCmcA.jpg]

4. my 11 years old tutorial on how to create an account. (series of images)
[Image: KkIFc42.jpg]
[Image: TfCc2zz.jpg]
[Image: cBmdqkd.jpg]

[Image: za8l3Fh.jpg]

[Image: oHXSd7e.jpg]

Post yours down below Smile !

5. An image from Battlefield Play4free's old trailer
[Image: EgzAeQc.png]

6. A series of images i found from Battlefield Heroes when searching my internal disk with the keyword: "Battlefield Heroes".

[Image: oFGi9WB.png][Image: pJYvAUr.png][Image: 1opGMwP.png][Image: kKL2pCV.png][Image: VOReTOk.png][Image: yscgV4g.png][Image: VaSWsCJ.png][Image: QhFFwGb.png][Image: xn6lYb5.png][Image: r5JvqLJ.png]

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