2012 play4free user here.
Kiweeguy (Francis512 from 2012)

18 (11 years old at the time)

How did you find us?:
From times to times i have these thoughts of "Oh my god, does this game still exist" or some sort of quenching feeling of playing old games. I remember playing on the last day Battlefield Play4free was online. I was hopeful to see it once again be what it used to be, but i lost hope after 2018. But then, here in 2019, after all these years, I had this quenching feeling again. I went on youtube and typed Battlefield Play4free expecting videos from BurnedToast 7 years ago. Not in my expectations to see that not 4 days ago, there was an actual video of Battlefield Play4free gameplay from Freerunnerx10, Scar-L gameplay.. I was astonished, baffled. My hopes are up again, and I am dedicated to help however i may.

What are your thoughts on our projects?:
My thoughts on your projects are nothing close to negative. You guys are courageous to bring back a game from 2011 with such resources, not for money but for the fun it can achieve on players (i assume). You are endeavoring  to bring this game from the dust where, after the years, has become obsolete. But has infinite potential with the free-gaming industry. I look forward for a potential Battlefield Play4free battle royal or any future trending free-industrial ideas.

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