Stop the spam fest maybe?

As a huge BFP4F fan I just joined to check out your work.

First thing i notice on your forum is the spam fest that is going on, especially in e.g. the help section.

This will not help in getting a big(ger) player base and is just simply annoying if you would actually want to ask for help, since your post will be drowned in seconds by that spam.

Any plans to moderate this forum and ban spammers?
From what I've heard, they will ditch this forum in the future. Just join the discord and use that as a forum.
Definitely not a good look, but as Hieb said, they are moving softwares and will reconstruct everything soon
We are working on a new forum and website for our playerbase.
At the moment we do not have any timeframe in when we release it.

As for the spam, we are working hard on that.
But combating spam is hard, and we do not have many people to moderate these forums on a daily bases.

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