[DISCORD] Common Sense & Basic Guidelines
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Our Discord server is open to anyone who wants to have a nice stay and communication with the community, in real time. Of course, we need to have a few rules and guidelines in order to maintain a positive ambience in it. There a few listed below, but you should always use your common sense.

1) Be nice, be wholesome. Treat others with kindness and respect. Follow Discord's Community Guidelines found here: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
2) Don't spam. We consider spam sending the same or similar message more than three times in a row.
3) No discrimination of any form (Racism, Xenophobia, to call a few).
4) Use the proper channel for the proper topic and always check pinned messages before making up questions.
5) No advertising.
6) Don't tag people without a reason/clear message, seriously, don't.
7) No drama around other projects in any of our chats.
8) Bot commands shall only be used in its respective channel.
9) No doxxing.

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