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Final Quarter of 2018 - Rendel - 08-13-2018

[Image: logo.png]

Final Quarter of 2018

It has been a few months since we began working on Phoenix Network (almost half a year already!), we really can't thank you enough for all your support and feedback.
That said, we think it's time to give you, the community, a disclose of what we'll work on this last quarter of present year 2018.

[Image: heroes.png]

What's next for Phoenix Heroes?

Service stability is always a top-level priority for us, so we made servers a little bit stronger.
But we know you're here for the juicy info, there's many stuff coming out this quarter for Heroes, lets take a look together...

[Image: 0dvyq.png]

New Maps

Get ready, time for new places to fight at, they await you this October.

[Image: qwXo6.png]

Deal of the Day

Out of money for that beautiful Cheeser? Don't worry, Deal of the Day is coming back this August 13rd, 2018.
How does it work, though? Simple, each day a total of eight (8) weapons will be in -75% discount, four (4) for each faction.

[Image: votw165%5B1%5D.jpg]

Video of The Week

Lights, camera, action! Video of The Week is returning this month,
brace yourself with a chance of winning a grand prize of 10,000 VP each week!

[Image: UpdatedScreenshotNewsPhoto.jpg]

Weekly Screenshot

Don't forget your camera! Screenshot these sweet dog-fights in Buccaneer Bay or yourself staring at the sunset of Sunset Showdown,
and share them with us for a chance on the big prize pot, starting this September!

[Image: community_event_forum.jpg]

Various Community Events

Not satisfied yet? Perfect! even more events will launch in October, they're spooky.

[Image: p4f_logo.png]

I want to hear about Play4Free!

Great to see enthusiasm in Play4Free, sadly, we're not releasing any more information until mid-September.
Check out the teaser here:

Looking foward receiving news in real-time? Join us on Discord at

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - God - 08-13-2018


RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - LIVERON - 08-13-2018

I hope august will end quickly, cause Im waiting 4 more p4f information))0)

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - Mad_Henkie - 08-13-2018


RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - Blaade - 08-13-2018

Sounds nice, can't wait

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - DJ-Somali - 08-13-2018

Awesome, great progress!

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - Meliodas - 08-13-2018

Yikes Smile

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - Smexykins - 08-13-2018

Time to put work into videos eks dee

good shit though

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - Bushes - 08-14-2018

Can't wait for sweet, sweet P4F information. :      )

RE: Final Quarter of 2018 - Lodethebig - 08-14-2018

Nam jef