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  1. Heroes! An update just released to the server browser! We completely overhauled how it looks and works so be sure to check it out. We have also release the "Deal of the Day" on the site, find some exclusive items or normal items discounted there! What are your opinions? Let us know!
  2. Hello Heroes, Our work at the design HQ has paid off. We have a new update for you, in this post we want to give you more info on what's new and what changed. Changelog - Added sneaky extra's in the menu, go find them - First work on warroom minigame Bug fixes - Fixed some crashes and slowdowns in the store Known bugs - Christmas theme is still active, switching crashes the game and we are working on a fix Tell us below what you think and what you would like to see in a future update. Best regards, Your Phoenix Network Team
  3. Sadly it's only populated on EU times. We are working on a solution to the current bugs so that more people will come
  4. This is known and will be fixed in the next launcher update
  5. Hi, thanks for you interest in BFH. Sadly we are working on major updates to it so it may take a while for it to be back online. You can follow the progress on https://phoenixheroes.net
  6. The "forgot password" feature is being worked on and will become available in the future. For now you can create a secondary account
  7. LifeCoder


    I will investigate the issue with no icon on the dashboard but it should be installed fine. Otherwise try uninstalling and reinstalling
  8. @iSirMartin find it in your installed location. it should make a shortcut unless that was turned off
  9. Have you installed Visual C++?
  10. @whattahellalan You must set the region to Europe and show empty and unranked servers, please don't reply to each question with the same answer
  11. Try to restart your game
  12. You must set the region to Europe and show empty and unranked servers
  13. You must set the region to Europe and show empty and unranked servers
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