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  2. when will join bug be fixed ?
  3. Last week
  4. Yesterday i reinstalled the game it helped but today i could't connect to the server, it would be good if could play without reinstalling every day
  5. Hi, i have a problem with connection to the server, any clue how to fix it??
  6. install c +visual : https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/
  7. You could try completely reinstalling the game
  8. Earlier
  9. hello, every time when i click on start (bf4free) it will crash what happen can i fix it?
  10. Moved post to correct sub-forum
  11. Why i have black screen while running BFP4F? Tried restarting launcher/game
  12. Hello! Changing the class would fix the problem for most of the players; unfortunately, there is nothing else you can do since you have already tried changing the class. We are working on this issue and hope to fix it soon. Stay safe!
  13. Hi all, Hope you are safe during this situation. I have a problem in joining the game. I already tried to change my class (Recon, Assault, Engineer and Medic) while restarting the client, but none of them are solving my question. Do you have any solution for it? Thank you
  14. Is there any way to internally host a server ? (on my own PC for example). Is this possible?
  15. hey i have exactly the same issue ! When can i expect having the update to fix that? I'm really excited about the idea of playing BF heroes again! Thanks a lot
  16. an NA server would be awesome
  17. I did that, now I have the same issue hat I had before. My game starts and then crashes while loading.
  18. @LifeCoder When can I expect the update?
  19. This is known and will be fixed in the next launcher update
  20. The join bug is our "fault" since the server files are quite old. Hopefully the next patch will fix most of those issues and make the game more stable and enjoyable Moved post to proper sub-forum.
  21. Currently there are no NA servers. Although, it's prone to happening if we get interest and player base big enough to support it.
  22. Just installed Play4Free today, I could only find 2 servers, they were both on EU and only 1 had players on it, I know not many people play on this game yet, but just wondering if anyone wants NA servers as well.
  23. never mind xd 3 reset pc 20 kick in monitor and works
  24. Have "requesting server info" for 5 min every time and steal w8 and w8. I can click cancel what mean game is not freez but cant join.
  25. I have the same problem, I click on 'play' a window with Battlefield Play For Free on the topside pops up, keeps loading for about 10 seconds, than just closes again and sends me back to the launcher. I have installed the visual-c thing you sended but that didn't help. I also tried deleting everything and reinstalling again but I keep having the same issue.
  26. If nothing helps, that's the only thing you can do for now. The bug is temporary for almost everyone and goes away eventually.
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